Monthly Archives: May 2016

Missa Papae Marcelli by Palestrina

The choir performed the Missa Papae Marcelli Mass during its visit to Italy, including in the Cathedral of Palestrina near Rome, where Giovanni Pierliugi da Palestrina was organist from 1544 to 1551. This glorious piece is Palestrina’s most famous and most beautiful Mass, and was sung at the Papal Coronation Masses for many centuries (the last… [Read More]

The Renaissance Choir visits Rome

Twenty nine members of our Choir visited Rome at the end of May as part of our 40th birthday celebrations. During our trip to Santiago de Compostela in 2014, two Italian pilgrims we met were so impressed with the choir’s quality that they suggested we visit Rome. Visit our image gallery. We gave a concert in… [Read More]