Equal Opportunities Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

The Renaissance Choir recognises that certain groups of people may be subject to discrimination and is determined to take all necessary steps to guard against any discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation, health, age or ability to pay. The choir adopts an approach that enables all of its activities to be fully accessible to both members and audience. It will achieve this in the following ways.


Invitation to membership of the Renaissance Choir is based solely on:

• an acceptable ability to sing sacred and secular choral music with a suitable voice and phonetic clarity
• a commitment to attend weekly rehearsals and to perform competently in concerts according to the custom of the choir
• there being a suitable vacancy in the choir.
These criteria are established by audition with the Musical Director and the Chair or Deputy Chair of the choir.

Financial Considerations

The committee has the authority to reduce subscriptions in cases of individual financial hardship.
The choir also has a Travel Fund to assist members on tours abroad or in the UK.
Most uniform items are provided for female members of the choir and money is available towards the cost of male uniform if necessary.
Music is usually provided for all performances.
Concessionary (or reduced) prices are offered at every performance for which the choir handles ticket sales.

Physical Considerations

It is the choir’s policy that within reasonable geographical, financial and artistic constraints the choir will only use performance venues which offer full access.
The above applies also to rehearsal venues. The main weekly rehearsal room will be fully accessible.
Large print copies of the programme will be available at each concert.
Stewards are available at each performance to assist disabled audience members.


This policy is subject to review every three years at the AGM but will respond to any changes in Government equality legislation.
This statement will be available on the choir’s website.
This policy complies with the Equality Act 2010.
Last updated in September 2016.