“Christmas Mystery” – The Renaissance Choir’s Christmas concert in Emsworth

15th Dec 2018

Lest We Forget

27th Oct 2018

European Sacred Music

14th Jul 2018

Dutch Renaissance Masters – glittering choral treasures from the time of Breughel

24th Mar 2018

Christmas Joy – our second Christmas concert

9th Dec 2017

Christmas Joy – our first Christmas concert

8th Dec 2017

Agnus Dei

21st Oct 2017


15th Jul 2017

Choral Mastery – second concert

3rd Jun 2017

Choral Mastery – first concert

3rd Jun 2017

Mozart’s “Trinitatis” Mass and movements from Mozart’s Requiem & Bach Bm Mass

8th Apr 2017

Our second Christmas concert – O Magnum Mysterium

10th Dec 2016

Our first Christmas concert – O Magnum Mysterium

9th Dec 2016

French Connection: Poulenc’s Gloria – 40th Anniversary Celebration (3)

29th Oct 2016

Choral Wonders – 40th Anniversary Celebration (2)

16th Jul 2016

Road to Calvary: 40th Anniversary Celebration (1)

27th Feb 2016

The wonder of Christmas – our second concert

12th Dec 2015

The wonder of Christmas – our first Christmas concert

11th Dec 2015

Rachmaninov Vespers

24th Oct 2015

East meets West

11th Jul 2015

Mozart’s Requiem

28th Mar 2015

Among the Angels

20th Dec 2014

Into The Light

25th Oct 2014

Music for Voices and Trumpet

19th Jul 2014

Conciertos de Música Coral

25th May 2014

“Messa di Gloria” by Puccini

12th Apr 2014

A Choral Christmas

14th Dec 2013

East meets West

26th Oct 2013

Spem in Alium

6th Jul 2013

Food of Love

20th Apr 2013

Sounds of Heaven

27th Oct 2012

French Connection

29th Oct 2011


9th Jul 2011

Music of the Spanish Pilgrims

9th Apr 2011

Night Music

13th Nov 2010

With a Lily

10th Jul 2010

British Choral Masters

31st Oct 2009

Of a Rose

11th Jul 2009

Taverner to Tavener

28th Mar 2009

Christmas Mystery

6th Dec 2008

Pärt – Byrd

15th Nov 2008

Pearls of Portugal

2nd Aug 2008

Pilgrimmage to Rome

27th Mar 2008

Musique sacreé du XVI Siècle

1st Jun 2006