Hire from us

We have a selection of music available to hire.  Please browse the catalogue below and then contact us to arrange the hire.

We are also selling some music. Please click here for more details.

Hire Charges

All the music we have in our library has been put into three bandings for the purposes of this scheme:

band A sheet music – anthems, motets, songs
band B ‘booklets’ – short works, small collections
band C books – larger works, larger collections

The hire charge for a set of music is based upon the replacement cost of the music and the length of time borrowed.

Charges are as follows:

band A 20p per copy per month
band B 30p per copy per month
band C 45p per copy per month

The costs incurred in postage, packing and insurance are carried by the borrowing choir.

  Chester Motets  book 13   English  6 voices     Chester 40 C
A Chester Motets  book 2   English  4 voices     Chester 38 C
A Chester Motets  book 3   Spanish  4 voices     Chester 27 C
A Chester Motets book 6 Christmas/Advent 4 voices     Chester 40 C
A French Chansons       Faber 37 C
ALLEGRI Miserere Mei SSATB Gm 13m Pro Cantione 38 B
ANON Congaudeant Catholici SATB     Gambie Woodsmoke 40  
ANON  Veri Solis Radius SATB     tr. Gambie 40  
ANON/SARGENT Two Christmas Spirituals SATB     OUP 36 B
BARBER Agnus Dei SSAATTBB   5m30 Schirmer 35 A
BIEBL Ave Maria SATB x2 Bb   Hinshaw 38 A
BRAHMS Why then has the Light been given SSATBB Dm 8m Peters 38 B
BRUCKNER Geistliche Chore (10 Motets) book       Peters 38 C
BUSTO Ave Maria SATB     Walton 40  
BYRD Ave Maria Gracia Plena SSATB     tr. Gambie 36  
BYRD Easter Propers   5 Motets SSATB     Chester 40 C
BYRD Laudibus in Sanctis SSATB Eb 4m31 tr. Gambie 36 PG
BYRD Mass for Five Voices SATTB Cm 30m Chester 37 C
BYRD Ne Irascaris SATTB     tr. Gambie 36  
BYRD Praise our Lord all ye Gentiles SSATBB Ab 3m05 S&B 35 A
BYRD Sing we merrily / Blow up the Trumpet SSSAT     S&B 35  
BYRD Victimae Pascali SSATB     OUP 30  
CALDARA Crucifixus  a 16       Ed. Jones 40  
CASTILLO Super Flumina Babylonis SSAT+ATTB     M.Mundi/Cath 33 B
COOMAN A Cosmic Prayer SATB     W. Leupold 40 A
COOMAN New World Carols SATB+org     Amber Waves 40 B
CRECQUILLON Pater Peccavi SSAATTBB     Gambie W.sm 40 PG
DUNLOP O Magnum Mysterium SATB Bb   Dunlop 40  
DUNLOP O Vos Omnes SATB     Dunlop 40  
DURUFLE Four Motets   1. Ubi Caritas SATB Eb 1m35 UMP 37 B
DURUFLE Four Motets   2. Tota Pulchra Es SSSA Gm 1m25 UMP 22 B  (+15 for sale)
DURUFLE Four Motets   3. Tu Es Petrus SATB G Om45 UMP 37 B
DURUFLE Four Motets   4. Tantum Ergo SATB Cm 2m10 UMP 37 B
DVORAK Four Choruses for Mixed Voices Op.29       Faber 35 B    
ELGAR Lux Aeterna SSAATTBB Db   Novello 40 B
FALCO Prayer of St Richard of Chichester SATB       34  
GABRIELI, A 10 Madrigals  various     OUP 38 C
GABRIELI, G Jubilate Deo SSAATTBB   5m15 Schirmer 38 B
GABRIELI, G Jubilemus Singulii SSAATTBB G 3m10 Schirmer 38 B
GABRIELI, G O Jesu mi dulcissime SATBx2     Schirmer 38 B
GABRIELI, G O Quam Suavis SSAATTBB Am   Schirmer 38 A
GAMBIE Follow Your Saint SATB     Gambie 40  
GOMBERT Musae Iovis SATTBB     Gambie Woodsmoke 40 PG
GORECKI Totus Tuus SSAATTBB   10m B&H 40 B
GRETCHANINOV Mov. 4-8 from All Night Vigil Opus 29       Mus Russica 37 A   (each movt)
GUERRERO Regina Caeli Laetare SATB SATB     Mapa Mundi 40 B
HANDL  Omnes de Saba Venient SATTB Bb   OUP 41 A
HARRIS Bring us O Lord SATB+SATBDb     Novello 40 A
HILTON Call to Remembrance SSAATBB Eb 3m45 OUP 32 A
HOLST Ave Maria  SSAA+SSAAEb     Laudy & Co 24 A
HOLST This have I done for my true love SATB Em   Augener 40 B   some S&B
JACKSON O Sacrum Convivium SATB     OUP 40 B
JOSQUIN Salve Regina SAATB     tr. Gambie 34 handwritten
JOSQUIN/CREQ In Violata / Respice SATB/SAATTB     Ham/Gambie 39  
KNECHT Michelangelo’s On Beauty SATB Db   Walton Music 40  
KODALY Evening Song SATB F 3m B&H 41 A
LASSUS Missa Bell’ Amfitrit’ Altera SATBX2 Ab   Singer/Gambie 38 B
LAURIDSEN Lux Aeterna SATB div D   Faber 40
LEIGHTON Star Song SATB     Novello 36 B
L’HERITIER Surrexit Pastor Bonus SSATBB Bb 6m13 arr. Gambie 39 B
LOBO Audivi Vocem SSAATBB     ed. Br. Turner 36 Vanderbeek    A
LOBO Missa Pro Defunctis SSAATTBB     Vanderbeek 36 C
LOBO Versa Est in Luctum SSATTB Gm   Mapa Mundi 28 B  
MEALOR O Vos Omnes SATB       40 A
MENDELSSOHN Four Sacred Partsongs SATB div     Faber 38  
MONTE, de Sanctus SSATB     tr. Gambie 40 handwritten
MOORE I Saw Him Standing SATB     Choral Conn 40 A
MOUTON Nesciens Mater SSAT+AATB     JOED 36 B
PACHELBEL Canon in D SATB D 5m Flammer 39 B
PALESTRINA Exsultate Deo SAATB A 3m30 Chester 22 A    
PALESTRINA Magnificat Primi Toni SATBX2   5m50 Cathedral 34 B
PALESTRINA Missa Aeterna Christi Munera SATB F 25m Chester 39 C
PALESTRINA Missa Assumpta Est Maria SSATTB Bb 30m Chester 38 C
PALESTRINA Missa Papae Marcelli SATTBB F   Chester 31 C
PALESTRINA Regina Caeli SATBx2 G   Mapa Mundi 40  
PALESTRINA Surge, Illuminare Jerusalem SATBX2   4m31 Chester 38 B
PARRY Seven Partsongs SATB     Faber 38 B
PARRY Songs of Farewell  6 Motets various     Cramer 38 C
PART Da Pacem Domine SATB     Universal 38 B
PART Magnificat   SSATB     Universal 36 C
PART Nunc Dimittis SATTBB     Universal 40  
PART The Woman with the Alabaster Box SATB     Universal 40  
PASSEREAU Il est bel e bon SATB Em 2m40 Salabert 38 A
PEARSALL Great God of Love SSAATTBB D 2m20 Novello 40 A
PEARSALL Lay a Garland SSAATTBB Eb 3m30 Cathedral 29 A
PHILIPS Media Vita SATTB Gm 3m15 Chester 40 B
PHILIPS O Beatum et Sacrosanctum Deum SSATB Bb   Chester 45 A
PHILIPS Salve Regina  Ed. Steele SATBx2 Eb-Fm   S&B 38 B
REBELO Panis Angelicus SSAATTBB     Mapa/Cath 33 B
RODRIGO Triste Estaba SATB     Scott 41 A
RODRIGO Yo tinc un burro SATB G   UME 41 B
RUBBRA Three Hymn Tunes (Christmas) SATB     Lengnick 25 A
SANCHEZ Pues la Guia SSATB       25  
SANDERS The Reproaches SATB     RSCM 40  
SATIE Gymnopedie = I Sing of a Maiden       arr. Pinnell 36  
SCHUTZ Ich bin ein Rechter Weinstock SSATTB Gm 4m JOED 39 A
STANFORD Beati Quorum SSATBB Ab 4m10 B&H 32  
STANFORD Coelos Ascendit SATBX2 A   B&H 33 B
STANFORD Justorum Animae SATB G 3m40 B&H 36 A
SWAYNE The Tiglet SATB      Novello 40  
SWEELINCK Hodie Christus Natus est SSATB Bb   Novello 38 B
TALLIS Gaude Gloriosa SATTBB     JOED 40 C
TALLIS In Manus Tuus SATTB Gm 2m OUP 41 A
TALLIS In Pace in Idipsum SATB     JOED 34 B
TALLIS Lamentations I and II SATTB Gm/Bm   OUP 37 C
TALLIS Mass, Salve Intermerata SATBB     JOED 38 C
TALLIS Te Lucis ante Terminum SAATB Em 2m30 OUP 39 A
TAVENER Eonia SSAATBB   2m30 Chester 41 A
TAVENER Funeral Ikos SSATBB Fm   Chester 30 B
TAVENER Love Bade me Welcome SATB     Chester 36 B
TAVENER Song for Athene SSATTBB   5m15 Chester 38 B
TAVENER Svyati   solo cello part       Chester 1  
TAVENER The Lamb SATB Em 3m Chester 38 A
TCHAIKOVSKY Cherubic Hymn       arr. Pinnell 35  
TCHAIKOVSKY The Nightingale SSAATTBB D 2m25 Hinshaw 41 A
TOLSTIAKOV Blagoslovi dushe moya SATB     Musica Russica 40  
VASQUEZ De los Alamos SATB Bb   Chappell 35 B
VAUGHAN-WILL. 23rd Psalm SATB + s     OUP 36  
VAUGHAN-WILL. Mass in Gm SATBx2     Faber 30  
VICTORIA Alma Redemptoris Mater SATB       40  
VICTORIA Ave Maris Stella SATB     Mapa Mundi 40  
VICTORIA Dixit Dominus SATBX2   5m35 JOED 39 B
VICTORIA Lamentations  I  II  III SSAATTBB     JOED 36 C
VICTORIA Laudate Dominum SATB X 2     Lilypond 40  
VICTORIA Laudate Pueri Domine SSAT+SATB Ab   JOED 40 B
VICTORIA Magnificat Primi Toni SSAT+SATB   8m15 JOED 32 B
VICTORIA Missa Ave Regina Coelorum SATBX2 Ab 13m30 JOED 39 C
VICTORIA Missa Dum Complerenture SAATTB      Lilypond 40  
VICTORIA Nunc Dimittis SATB     JOED 32 A
VICTORIA Victimae Pascali SSAT+SATB     JOED 34 B
VIVANCO Canita Tuba SATB     Mapa Mundi 40 B
WALTON Set me as a Seal  SATB     OUP  40  
WHITACRE A Boy and a Girl SATB     Chester 40 A
WHITACRE Alleluia SATB     Chester 40 A
WHITACRE Her Sacred Spirit Soars SATBx2     Chester 40 A
WHITACRE Lux Aurumque SATB     Walton 40 A
WHITACRE Sleep SATB     Walton 40 A
WHITACRE This Marriage SATB     Walton 40 A
WHITACRE Water Night SATB     Walton 40 A
WHITACRE With a Lily in her Hand SATB     Santa Barbara 40 A
WHITE Christe, qui lux es et Dies SATBB Gm   OUP 40 B
WOOD Glory and Honour and Laud SATB Dm 4m15 Cathedral 39 B
WOOD Hail Gladdening Light SATBX2 A   IMP/Banks 34 A